Construction, Development and General Counsel Services

  • CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT. Whether it be ground-up construction, preservation or a renovation project, RESTREPO, P.C. can assist you in all aspects of your project. We have worked closely with Developers, Contractors, Architects and other consultants, and have intimate knowledge of the construction process. RESTREPO, P.C. can represent you at all stages of the development and construction project, from the joint venture stages, to the acquisition, and air-rights purchase, to construction financing and permanent conversion. We can also help you negotiate architect’s agreements, owner-contractor agreements, sub-contracting agreements, construction management and other construction related agreements to ensure your interests are protected.
  • GENERAL COUNSEL SERVICES. If you feel more comfortable having one law firm be the go to place for all your project’s needs, RESTREPO, P.C. can provide you with General Counsel services for every step of the way.
  • LICENSE/ACCESS AGREEMENTS. It is no secret that all construction projects encounter issues along the way. If you are a Developer or General Contractor, there is nothing more frustrating than an uncooperative neighbor who is looking to make a profit and to delay or halt the construction. If you are a neighbor, you certainly do not appreciate a Developer’s or Contractor’s cavalier attitude to move forward with construction without providing proper safeguards and guarantees. Whether you are a Developer, Construction Manager or neighbor, RESTREPO, P.C. can help you negotiate a proper license/access agreement in line with applicable construction standards, laws and regulations, and ensure that the parties’ expectations are reasonably achieved.